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Spring Break, Tips to Pack light

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

How to pack light for a short beach Holiday

Spring break is around the corner, everyone wants to go somewhere and have fun. Those that love the beach and the sun, should make sure that they bring the following items.

1. Swim suits and cover ups

Pack 2-3 colorful swimsuits and 2-3 light coverups.

2. Flipflaps

I absolutely love to walk barefoot in the warm sand, but at least one pair of flip-flops, its a must.

3. Sun lotions and towels.

I personally never lay in the sun between 11am-3pm, the sun then is the hottest and you can get burned. The best time to get sun is early morning, and between 3pm-6pm, healthy ultra-violets and vitamin D.

Tips for sunbathing.

- never stay more than 1-2 hours first day

- eat watermelon to avoid sunburn

- use coconut oil for your hair and skin

- eat lots of watermelon to avoid dehydration

- choose a water resistant sunscreen that protects skin from UVA and UVB and is at least 30 SPF.

-eat light meals

- avoid alcohol intoxication

- swim a lots

-also rest well, sunny days and beach can exhaust your body fast.

- drink lots of water

4. To avoid TSA control

- while traveling, put all your liquids including lipsticks in ziplocks bags.

- if bigger then 30oz do not attempt to pack your necessities in a carryon, they will be taken away.

5. Pack with taste but light.

- few hills its a must

- beach sexy dresses must have

- shorts and tanktops

- underwear and socks

- remember it can be cold always have some long sleeves and jeans.

Now that you know how and what to pack, let's make sure you have lots of fun.

There are many beautiful places to have fun, if you are a girl please watch out for your drink at all times. Most fun beach places have also nasty-bad people, I witnessed with my eyes how girls were drudged at bars or in nightclubs.

Avoid at all cost taking drinks from strangers, they could be spiked with roofie. Once you order your drink, do not put it down, hold your glass or bottle at all times and stay with your group.

For Sun burns - use aloe-vera and CBD infused oil.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the body inflammation, soothes the sunburned area and promotes fast healing.

We recommend the following product:

Hopefully this tips help, have a safe and fun spring break!

Travel light and have fun

Yours truly,

Cami Onolfo

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