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Eat what you want but in moderation

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Tired of battling weight!

Almost everyone is dealing with some health issues, but weight loss is probably up there in terms of what people are facing on a daily basis.

Why? Well, because it is so easy to eat, but so hard to maintain a healthy and tone body.

We are what we eat!

There are plenty diets out there, but most of them work in the begging but fail to be maintained. Most of the time, the weight is coming back and sometimes in a greater capacity.

As a former gymnast and ballet dancer, I learned from an early age that a diet is not really the way to go. For some reason the word "diet" triggers hunger in the brain. The hormone ghrelin that is responsible for triggering hunger actually increases in activity when we are trying to lose weight until our fat cells return to homeostasis, their natural state of equilibrium.

Hunger is always present! It plays a very important role in our mood, and it changes our sensory perception. Losing weight should be an easy process, just like eating is so satisfactory.

Unfortunately to lose weight, we need discipline, will power, an eating plan, and daily exercise.

In my case, I have been maintaining my weight by approaching the entire process with a healthy life style. I never engaged in a "diet" in the traditional sense in my life, I eat anything my brain desires that I crave, but in moderation of course.

What I realize is, our brain doesn't like the word "no".

For example when you tell a child that it cannot do something or have something, the more they want it! It is the same with our brain.

If you put a glass of milk in front of you with a warm double chocolate brownie and a bowl of fresh sliced veggies and you tell yourself that I shouldn't eat the brownie and milk because it's late and too many calories, but instead you have to force yourself into eating the veggies, guess what is going to happen!

I am sure that 99% will give up and eat the brownie and milk and not even touch the veggies.

But now try and use reverse psychology on your brain, "I can have some of the brownie and milk because tomorrow morning I'll be working out", that is called eating what you want in small amounts to satisfy the craving.

Therefore life is too short not to enjoy living it, eat healthy whatever you desire but use common sense and moderation!

Enjoy living!

Cami Onolfo

Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Healer

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