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Miracle Herbal Clinics is a Holistic Company located in Miami Beach, FL.

Miracle Herbal Clinics LLC was founded solely by Cami Onolfo in 2014 for the purpose of providing holistic nutritional and healing sessions. 

Miracle Herbal Clinics LLC also provides a variety of herbal remedies such as teas, extracts, creams and infused body oil. To create a strong and consistent brand, culture and healing space where everyone is welcome and feel comfortable to share their stories.My purpose is to make the spiritual connection with patients and to find out their why. I also aim to help them reveal their darker emotions buried deep inside them, such as pain, suffering, guilt, fear, shame, feelings of unworthiness, etc., because only by healing those emotions can one regain their health and peace of mind. I also aim to help them heal, to find self forgiveness, unconditional love, and self acceptance. 

Reiki Healing


As a Spiritual Healer my main joy comes from healing and empowering others. I love actively listening to others with compassion, an experience that is often lost in modern medicine. I dedicated myself to finding different forms of healing and nurturing for my patients offer them guidance and hope help them lead a healthier life style. In my opinion, many of these issues begin during childhood and the pain that is buried deep inside takes takes a toll on the body over time. My goal is to make my patients feel comfortable to share their pain, both physical and emotional, and give them the right tools to cope with the troubles they face in their life. 


MiracleHerbal Clinics LLC aims to build a brand of herbal medicinal teas, creams, extracts and oils and draw upon spirituality, faith and belief to heal the diseases and ailments that wreak havoc in the human body. In addition my goal is to integrate healing therapies designed to help those suffering and ameliorate the pain and symptoms. We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves with the right tools!

My vision is to awaken this dormant potential and guide the patient to embrace this giving power within self and what is naturally available in the world. 

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