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Coughing remedies

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Coughing is a reflex mechanism designed to clear the throat of unwanted irritants.

But there are also coughing that last for days or weeks which can cause damage to the lungs. A persistent cough lasting more than two months is now called a chronic cough.

Common cough

The most common cough is usually caused by a cold, flu or a respiratory tract infection caused by viruses. At this point antibiotic will be recommended.

However God blessed us with a large variety of medicinal plants which have amazing properties and can cure a nasty cough.

Medicinal Plants

For example Mallow, a native of Easten Europe and northern Africa.

Mallow, Medicinal properties:

Mallow has demulcent and emollient properties and it is used to treat inflammations.

Home made remedy

How to use: the root boiled in water, gives out a gummy matter, like starch. It is very good to make coughing syrups. It relieves chest pain, coughing, bronchitis and whooping cough.


Cami Onolfo

Healer and Herbalist

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