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About Cami

Welcome to Miracle Herbal Clinics LLC

Ms. Onolfo shared her extraordinary gifts to many who have given up on pharmaceuticals and synthesized medications. While the western world readjusts to an older more historical Eastern Natural Herbal and Spiritual Healings.


Ms Onolfo has mastered the Chinese, Asian, Eastern European herbal teas, tinctures and salves to heal her thousands of followers and patients. Weekly Detox, Rebalancing insomnia, revitalizing your sexual dysfunction, calming your anxiety, reducing your joint and pain inflammation, digestive realignment are just a few examples of why her Teas and Spiritual Healing is sought after by so many.


Cami grew up within a culture of natural healing in the Carpathian Mountains including early years of being taught by her Godmother and Grandmother the many natural methods which are re-emerging in western medicine today in the many Integrative Teachings at dozens of Medical Schools recognizing the need for rebalance of alternative remedies into healing.


She is a published author. Ms. Onolfo is also a practicing certified Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Healer, Reki Healer, and TV Consultant.


Communication Skills:

Ms. Onolfo She also speaks English, Spanish, Romanian (Fluent) Italian, French, Portuguese, (Proficient) Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, German, and Greek (Basic/Learning). This allows her to reach a wide variety of patients. Everyone is welcome!

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