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What really is diabetes?

Diabetes usually occurs when our bodies cannot take sugar (glucose), into cells to converse it into energy. Therefore this results in extra sugar build up in the bloodstream.

Untreated diabetes usually leads to serious consequence, could cause damage to our body’s organs and tissues such as: heart, eyes, nerves and kidney.

Digestion process

Digestion includes the breaking down of foods into different nutrient source.

Carbohydrates from white flour convert to sugar (glucose).


Insulin is a hormone made by our pancreases. The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach which help release insulin into the bloodstream. The insulin unlocks the cell wall, allowing glucose to enter the cell. The glucose is needed by our tissues and organs to properly function.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1: autoimmune disease, in this case the body attacks itself.

It occurs in children and young adults - requires insulin daily

Type 2: body doesn’t produce enough insulin or is not accepted by the body’s cells. It occurs in middle age to older people.

Prediabetes: a stage before type 2. Higher than normal blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes: women during pregnancy

Holistic Approach

There are some medicinal plants which are known to treat diabetes

  • - Aloe Vera - lowers blood sugar

  • - Ginseng - lowers blood sugar

  • - Curcumin - turmeric compound - controls blood sugar

  • - Cinnamon - improves blood sugar - 1/2 tbsp per day

  • - Fenugreek - controls blood sugar

  • - Bitter Melon - relieves thirst and fatigue and reduces blood sugar

  • - Holly Basil - increases the secretion of insulin

  • - Milk Thistle - liver nourisher, reduces insulin resistance

  • - Psyllium - lowers blood cholesterol and improves blood sugar

These medicinal plants can be taken in form of tea or capsules.

Cami Onolfo

Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist Healer

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